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Our knowledgeable team is led by licensed nutritionist Jesse Gutierrez, who has been a nutrition expert for more than 30 years. The fans of his Spanish-language radio and television programs trust his expertise and integrity.


leading a healthier lifestyle

Jesse Gutierrez empowers individuals through education on leading a healthier lifestyle so that they can be happy and fulfilled.

As a licensed nutrition counselor and educator for more than 30 years, Jesse's goal is to give people tools to understand the mind-body connection to create sustainable, long-term healthy habits with supplements, exercise and sleep.

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The best advice to transform your health

On Jesse's Spanish-language radio and television programs, he always provides the best advice to ensure his listeners understand the power they have every day to transform their health through mindful eating and exercise.

Jesse also provides one-on-one consultations where clients can describe their current health status, concerns and goals. Customers always praise his warm and friendly manner.


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