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Since 1977, Healthland has been committed to nourishing South Florida inside and out. We are your one-stop shop for nutritional supplements, herbs, proteins, and so much more.


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Supplements enhance the nutritional density of your existing diet. You don't want to pay for filler or non-FDA-approved ingredients.


Our products stop free radicals in their tracks and speed up the repairing process so cells can regenerate and renew your body.

Seize the opportunity to live longer with optimal health.

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Experience the difference high-quality nutrition makes in your mood, stamina and overall well-being.


Herbs can prevent and manage a variety of ills. They can also help reduce blood clots and lower inflammation throughout the whole body. So go beyond garlic, chives, leeks, mint, basil, sage and others to live free of chronic and temporary conditions.


Protein in all forms is the building block of life. Cells contain protein, and the body needs it to thrive. Even plant-based protein can help repair cells and generate new ones. Soon-to-be moms, teenagers and children benefit from having high-quality protein in their diet.

We provide you the most nutritious products in South Florida.

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Health is wealth and everyone deserves to live in a continual state of optimal health. We have trained each of our staff members to serve all the communities of South Florida through an unparalleled dedication to excellent health for all.

Each of our team members has a singular narrative and life experiences to help you on every step of your health journey. In addition, we have harnessed the power of South Florida's diversity to profoundly understand the community's needs. We have taken the time to learn about each of our customers and their specific needs to best serve everyone.

You deserve to look and feel your best, according to your personal definition.

Experience our commitment to supporting you and reach all of your health goals.

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We help you on every step of your health journey

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