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Procera AVH 90 Capsules
Procera AVH 90 Capsules
Procera AVH 90 Capsules
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Procera AVH 90 Capsules

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For over a decade, Procera AVH has been the daily brain pill that customers rely on to support their brain health and cognitive function. Its unique, triple-action formula helps promote blood and oxygen flow to the brain, supports key neurotransmitters and provides neuroprotection.

As our bodies begin to change in middle age, so do our brains. Did you know that your brain function starts to slow by as much as 10-15%? As you age, your ability to quickly process and recall information isn’t as good as it used to be. This can impact your daily life and interfere with your normal activities. Procera AVH provides the daily boost you need to continue staying active, engaged and performing at your very best.

Procera AVH® contains three highly researched and top-performing brain performance enhancers that have stood the test of time. The quantities of the three Procera AVH ingredients when combined, offer synergistic benefits for brain health and cognitive function.

In the late 1990s, our research was focused on naturally occurring substances that had been shown to help increase blood flow to the brain, support mitochondrial function, and promote cholinergic function (including acetylcholine synthesis). A thorough review of scientific literature was conducted and revealed that there were several promising ingredients of this nature that could be used to support brain health.

Our research and development team, with input from brain research experts, assembled these potential cognitive ingredients into various amounts and ratios that were then tested. Based on those test results, the team refined the formula and ultimately arrived at the precise combination of three active ingredients. It was this combination of ingredients in a specific volume and ratio that became the patented supplement, Procera AVH.

Procera AVH was the company’s first product and it is used today by thousands of people for daily brain health and cognitive function support.

Suggested Usage

Take 3 capsules every morning with food.

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