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procera sleep 60 Capsules
procera sleep 60 Capsules
procera sleep 60 Capsules
procera sleep 60 Capsules
procera sleep 60 Capsules
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procera sleep 60 Capsules

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  • SLEEP BETTER A good night’s sleep leads to a great day’s work! Procera Sleep is a natural sleeping aid that promotes quality restorative sleep, facilitating a regular sleep cycle to replenish important neurotransmitters for optimal cognitive function. Procera Sleep is a non-addictive sleeping aid that is made up of natural ingredients and vitamins.
  • SLEEP FASTER: These sleeping pills contain 5-HTP, Melatonin and L-Theanine, all powerful components that help re-establish a regular sleeping pattern. These natural ingredients are known for their relaxing effects to the brain to help your body relax and sleep faster.
  • STRESS LESS: Calm your mind naturally. Procera Sleep contains a blend of natural herbs proven to combat stress and fatigue. Valerian extract and Hops extracts are powerful natural herbs that take away tension from your body and are an effective mood enhancer.
  • FEEL AWAKE: Procera Sleep combines all the brain vitamins and minerals that are essential to optimal rest. It’s the ideal vitamins for adults that can give you the restorative sleep you need to keep up with your busy and fast-paced life. Get all the rest and recovery you need with just two capsules a day!
  • A NAME YOU WON’T FORGET: Established in 2005, Procera Health is a leading wellness company dedicated to helping individuals optimize their mental performance and cognitive function. We partner with global research experts to develop products derived from natural, plant based ingredients.

 Suggested Use

Take two (2) capsules 30 minutes before bedtime to promote a restful sleep.