Jesse Gutierrez, LNC

In the fields of health and nutrition Jesse Gutierrez is South Florida's most respected name. Trusted for over 30 years as a licensed nutrition counselor and educator he has positively influenced listeners in their selection of nutritional supplements, their eating habits and their lifestyle. Whether in one-on-one consultation sessions where he advises his clients in a warm and friendly manner or by means of his “Saludable con Jesse” radio and television programs, people trust Jesse and value his good advice.

For decades, Jesse's weekly radio programs, broadcast on numerous South Florida radio stations, have been a constant source of nutritional information and the driving force for Healthland sales. His numerous guest appearances on both local and network Spanish language television, along with being featured in newspaper and magazine articles have served to enhance both his professional reputation and his credibility as a professional, knowledgeable nutritionist. Jesse's caring manner combined with his professional knowledge make his message meaningful as well as powerful.

But Jesse is not just a public figure but a real person that is accessible to the public one-on-one. An important part of his programs is his invitation for listeners and viewers to visit him for a personal consultation. At his Healthland store, a business that he has co owned and operates since 1989, Jesse listens carefully to their health concerns and then provides helpful, meaningful advice and offers his professional recommendation for the nutritional supplements he feels most appropriate for them. As a result of his focus on his clients’ well-being his reputation as a nutritional professional has grown significantly over the years.

Jesse attended Miami-Dade College and Florida International University. He went on to gain certification for his Masters of Oriental Medicine from the Acupuncture Massage College of Florida and is certified by the State of Florida as a Licensed Nutritionist.


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