Alkalife pH Balance 90 Enteric Coated Tablets
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Potassium and sodium are stronger alkaline minerals than calcium and magnesium.  In the body, potassium finds its way to the inside of cells while sodium stays on the outside. Potassium can neutralize lactic acid buildup in the muscles of athletes for better endurance.

  • Increases Hydration and Energy
  • Detoxifies & Supports Wellness
  • Helps Neutralize Acid in the Bloodstream
  • Improves the Immune System
  • Helps the Body Absorb Nutrients More Effectively

Taking pH Balance® is like charging the battery of life to maintain the bicarbonate level in the blood.

Each bottle contains 90 tablets.  A 30-day supply.

Ingredients:  Each tablet contains 200mg of potassium bicarbonate and 73mg of sodium bicarbonate with a time-release compound and enteric coating. Potassium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate in pH Balance® are impurity-free.

Directions: Adults: Three tablets daily.  One after a meal.  Children: One tablet daily after a meal.  Do not break tablet apart.

Alkalife pH Balance 90 Enteric Coated Tablets

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